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Details of the HotBar are shown below. This threat can be detected and cleaned using PestBlock Anti-Spyware.

Description:Hotbar is a program which adds emoticons and images to your emails. It also includes desktop wallpapers, animations, ecards, a bundled weather tool and Shopper Reports. After agreeing to Hotbars Active X Agreement, the install cannot be cancelled unless the window is terminated through task manager.As a default, hotbar installs a search assistant toolbar not just in Internet Explorer but in general explorer browsing. It also includes Shopper Reports, a price comparison tool which produces advertisements of best deals on the net in a window paneon the left side of IE. As well as this tool, hotbar also produces pop-up advertisements while you browse.Users can pay for an add-free version, or pop-up ads can be disabled in the free version by clicking the "Hotbar" tool button, then "Preferences" then clear the checkbox for "Show Hotbar popup offers." You can also clear the checkbox for "Enable Hotbar keyword search in Internet Explorer addressbar".Hotbar will collect your IP Address, date and time for each page you view, browser type and version, operating system, platform and URL's of websites you visit, which can include search terms you have entered into search engines.If you use the Hotbar Shopper Reports on Shopping or Travel, move Hotbar to the PestBlock Ignore List.
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We do not publish here the MD5 checksums for files. PestBlock Anti Spyware can identify good file from bad more accurately.

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